In the Snake's Lair is the seventeenth episode from Season 3.


When Bloom returned to Alfea, she found none of her friends there. Eventually, she stumbled into Ms. Faragonda and Ms. Griselda who congratulated her for earning her Enchantix without saving someone from her planet. After learning that her friends were in the Omega Dimension, Bloom came across Sky. They are reconciled and decided to go to the Omega Dimension to look for their friends.

Soon after they arrived there, they found Tecna. Unable to believe her eyes, Bloom ran to meet her but they faced another problem: getting their friends back to Alfea. Quickly, Sky, Bloom, and Tecna busted Timmy, Helia, and Brandon out of their cell. The boys agreed to form a distraction while the two girls rescued the other members of the Winx Club.

When Bloom and Tecna found their friends deep in the ravine, they faced another challenge: to defeat the snake. After failed attempts to beat the serpent, Bloom transformed into her Enchantix and used her powers to beat the snake. However, Bloom, instantly connected to the snake after her attack, knew that it wasn't over yet. While her friends flew up, she led the serpent to where the escaped criminals were fighting the Red Fountain boys. While the snake scared off the criminals, the Red Fountain boys and the Winx Club flew back home. After arriving at Alfea, the girls have a slumber party for their success and for being reunited again.[1]