The Island of Dragons is the fifteenth episode from Season 3.


On Pyros, Bloom gets attacked by several dragons and falls into a steep ravine. She falls into deep slumber and gets a hint from Daphne, in her sleep, to find her dragon. Soon after she woke up, Bloom found a small dragon, Buddy who helped her to move, act, and eat like a dragon. After helping her, Buddy guides Bloom to the mountain of the dragons which is a group of several volcanoes.

Trying not to wake the the sleeping dragon blocking their path, Bloom and Buddy tiptoe across the great bulk of the dragon and eventually wake up the creature. Bloom, afraid that something bad would happen to Buddy, gets in touch with her innerself and uses her dragonfire, in the shape of a dragon, to scare off the other dragon. Meanwhile, Timmy dedicates all his time trying to find the location of Tecna in the Omega Dimension. Finding no signal of Tecna whatsoever, he falls asleep.[1]