Fury! is the fourteenth episode from Season 3.


Back to Alfea, the girls blurt out to the Red Fountain boys about Tecna's sacrifice. Timmy, disappointed and sad, quickly moves to another bench out of hearing range and is confronted by Riven later on. The Winx Club decides to go back to Cloudtower to get pay back for Tecna without considering Ms. Faragonda disapproval of their plan. While Valtor shares the story of the destuction of her parents with Bloom, Stella and Aisha manage to boost Headmistress Griffin out of her prison cell.[1]

Shortly after casting an oppositus spell on Bloom, Ms. Faragonda, Headmistress Griffin, Professor Saladin, Aisha, and Stella rejoins them. The Winx Club turn Bloom back to her normal self but gains nothing out of the revenge attempt except Headmistress Griffin. Later on, Bloom, outraged with the story of her parents, asks Ms. Faragonda where she can get more power. Ms. Faragonda sends her to Pyros, the Island of Dragons, notifying her that there was a high risk of danger there.[2]