One Last Fluttering of Wings is the thirteenth episode from Season 3.


On the Planet Andros, Valtor’s invasion has reached a critical phase when Valtor manipulates the gate to the Omega Dimension into using its negative energy to cancel the positive of the Realm of Andros and destroying the existence of both areas. The vortex between both worlds also becomes a portal allowing other prisoners from the Omega dimension to be released into Aisha's home world.

All members of the Winx Club go the realm of Andros to stop both energies of negating each other but the vortex created betweens overcomes their initial attempt and would now require that the whirlpool be sealed from within itself. Aisha and Bloom quickly volunteer but are repelled by it's unstable magic. Tecna manages to overpower the magical resistance and in doing so gains her Enchantix, endowing her with powers strong enough to seal the vortex and herself in the Omega dimension.[1]