The Black Willow's Tears is the twelfth episode from Season 3.


The Winx Club travel to Linphea, Flora's home planet. They meet Flora's sister, Miele. However, they are attacked by Stormy, who had received new powers from Valtor. As always, good triumphed. Plus, they got advice from the mysterious lady to gather some tears from the black willow tree without touching it. Because of the danger of any more attacks, Miele was left behind but she came back to assist the Winx Club.

Meanwhile, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy were fighting over Valtor but they soon realized that it was ridiculous and planned to ambush the Winx Club. Just as they were about to gather the tears, the Trix appeared and attacked them. After they did that, Darcy ruined the healthy interior of the Black Willow tree. Enraged, Flora attacked but The Trix sisters overpowered her and she was about to be destroyed when Miele saved her from the blast and fell into the water. Flora quickly plunged into the water to save her sister, thus gaining her Enchantix. When the Winx Club came back, they were able to turn Ms. Faragonda back to her old self. [1]