Aisha/Layla's Choice is the sixth episode from Season 3.


After the confrontation with Valtor, a mermaid princess called Tressa, finds the Winx Club and ask for their help in rescuing her friends and mother. The rescue attempt is hampered by a kraken, who pursues the five members and the princess but the girls succeed in rescuing the mermaid Queen Ligea. The Queen vows to repay Aisha by restoring her sight and explains that they must return to the surface before sundown. As the group escapes, the kraken continues to attack them but this time injures the Queen. When they finally arrive to the surface, the mermaid princess asks Aisha to use the Queens' scepter to heal herself but Aisha ultimately chooses to heal the Queen instead. Aisha's sacrifice is acknowledged and she becomes the first of the Winx Club to obtain her Enchantix, or complete fairy enchantment status.[1]