Fairy Dust is an special power from the Enchantix.


With Fairy Dust, the fairy can shrink down to a range of small sizes (called "Mini Winx" in the original RAI version). These sizes include the size of pixies as well as near microscopic size. The fairy dust can also help undo dark magic inflicted upon themselves and others. To do this, the fairy dust is usually blown towards the
being or sprinkled over them. This is one of the most powerful substances in the Magical Dimension, as it is normally used against elements of pure darkness and evil (dark magic, dark forces, etc), as the darker the opponent, the more effective it is in opposition. Fairy dust can also be gathered by beating the fairies wings though this was only done once by Layla to cure her blindness.

Despite its healing properties, fairy dust has a few unwanted side effects. When it is used on a person, it can unintentionally cause pain and suffering. This can be noted in the episode The Heart and the Sword, where Sky was seen screaming in pain when Stella used her fairy dust on him. This may be because stopping extremely powerful spells takes a lot of energy and thus, inflicts a lot of pain on the person. Also, unlike Bloom's healing powers, fairy dust is unable to stop a person from dying or bring a dead person back to life (which is somewhat ironic). It cannot be used to turn a bad person good as mentioned by Valtor in the episode Wizard's Anger. Thus, fairy dust does have its limitations.